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Weather & Your Car

Can road salt harm my car?

Yes. Road salt is corrosive and promotes rust. As road salt eats away at a vehicle’s finish, it will begin to expose the metal underneath which leads to rust forming. A car’s undercarriage is also vulnerable to road salt and in addition to rust formation, it can have a negative effect on the mechanics as well. By getting an Underbody Flush regularly, with the addition of Rust Inhibitor, you can help prevent costly damage and extend the life of your vehicle.

Should I wash my car even if it just rained?

Absolutely! It is a common misconception that rain will simply wash away the dirt and grime from your car. But in reality, rain contains minerals that will leave water spots all over your car. Rain and snow also contain acid and other pollutants that are harmful to your vehicle’s finish. Plus, adding a surface protectant such as Weather Guard or Ceramic Polish will protect the surface of your vehicle and repel rainwater from your vehicle.

How often should I wash my car?

We recommend you wash your car 2-4 times per month depending on how much your car is exposed to environmental factors such as weather and driving conditions. This frequency will keep dirt, salts, bugs and bird droppings from damaging your vehicle’s finish. For the best value, we recommend joining the Scrub Club for unlimited washes all month long.

Does washing your car regularly help maintain its value?

Yes. Appearance is the first thing that buyers look at with a used car. If the finish is dull, damaged, or there are signs of rust, it makes it difficult to get top dollar no matter how well it runs. Frequent washing and regularly performed preventative maintenance of your car will help ensure you get top dollar for your resale. Even leased cars need to be properly cleaned and maintained to avoid being stuck with costly fees and repairs when returning your leased vehicle.

Our Services & Facilities

Are car wash clubs worth it?

They are most definitely worth your money. Most Scrub Club plans cost less than two washes per month so it pays for itself. Routinely washing your car not only makes it aesthetically pleasing, but is a crucial part of maintaining your vehicle which is often one of your most important investments. You no longer need to wait for optimal weather to get the most out of your car wash since you can always return at your convenience if inclement weather arises.

Is a touchless car wash better?

No. “Touchless” car washes have to use more harsh chemicals to try to remove dirt, grime, and oil residue from your car’s surface. These abrasive chemicals can actually damage your car’s paint and finish.

Why don’t you have a wax product on your menu?

The term “wax” is commonly misused as a catch-all word for a product that shines and protects the vehicle’s surface.Traditional carnauba wax used to be the gold standard. However, the latest innovation in car wash technology is ceramic polish. This next-gen product is superior in both shine and protection. We do offer a Turtle Wax brand Ceramic Polish, which will give you a higher quality car wash experience.

Will the wash scratch or dent my car?

No. We use high-quality car washing material uniquely designed to provide a soft-touch wash. The material inhibits water absorption while resisting dirt and grit from becoming embedded providing a gentle and smooth car wash experience.

Do you offer free vacuums with the wash club?

We do not include the cost of vacuums in our monthly plan pricing. We offer various other perks to our members such as FREE promo items (Dry Towels, Air Fresheners) plus club members also get $6 off every oil change and 10% additional lube services.

Is your car wash safe?

Yes! We utilize quality car wash equipment and technology that is regularly maintained by our onsite staff and maintenance crew. Studies have shown that our equipment is much safer than most other car washes including gas station washes, hand washes, touchless car washes, or even washing your car at home.

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