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This place is soooooo goooood!!!!

Even if there’s 20 cars in line, it moves so quickly and efficiently! This system is perfect. I drive 15 minutes just to use this car wash. It’s unbeatable.

Oil change is always friendly, quick and done professionally.

They do have a long line sometimes, but it’s really worth the wait. They don’t ever push you to purchase things and if they do think it’s an important thing they will put it down in your file so you don’t forget that it is needed next time. Love it, and will keep going for my maintenance service.

I only go to Scrub A Dub’s for all my car cleaning.

No matter if I just need to vacuum real quick or get my whole car, inside and out, done I choose here. You don’t have to do the car wash just to clean out the inside like I’ve seen other car washes make you do. It’s inexpensive and has good equipment. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Highly recommend it.

Great place! Best car wash service!

Always excellent customer service! Staff are kind and busy! They take care of police vehicles and other local businesses. It’s a place where new and regular customers go for trusted car wash. They are very resourceful about why they use cloth which is less harsh than non-cloth washes. They offer oil change services and now the unlimited car wash club. Why not stop in!

This location is phenomenal.

The employees are honest and tell you and show you what you need. They did so good we literally drove home and got my girlfriend’s car and brought it back (20 min drive one way!)

Always treated the very best.

Their infectious happy-go-lucky attitude keeps me returning. So much better seeing a real person versus a machine with pre recorded messages.

A good place to get your car washed.

The attendants move people through quickly, which is important on a sunny winter day in Wisconsin when you want to get the road grit off your car. Easy to get to, being right off the freeway. Unlike some other car washes, it is easy to get into and out of without risking an accident. If you are looking for a quickie at a favorable price, this is your place.

I travel for work and actually go out of my way to come by Scrub a Dub.

While most of the staff is good, the woman, Kara, really is impressive. I have seen her all but one visit and each time she has impressed me with how cheerful and courteous she is. She is one of the most impressive workers I have seen in the service industry. I have been passing the word of the great service at this location and wanted to share it with you.

My go-to-spot on the south side of Milwaukee.

For a quick and efficient $5 car wash, and lots of vacuums as needed. I also go here for oil changes when I don’t do them myself. They’re reasonably priced and super nice. Highly recommended!

Wow! What a great, fast, professional experience my first time here was.

The whole team was skillful and courteous and Jesse was very helpful in understanding and explaining what I needed. My vehicle was overdue for a few things and I ended up having far more work done than I normally would in a single trip, and I feel much more confident in my travels now. I will absolutely be returning for washes and regular maintenance! Thank you!

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