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In 1947, Garrett O. McIntosh (Mac) built Wisconsin’s first automated car wash. Earlier that year, Mac visited a car wash in downtown Chicago and loved the concept. Believing Chicago was too small for another, Mac moved to Milwaukee where he opened his first location at 29th and Capitol. The price of a car wash was $1 and included interior window cleaning and vacuuming. Originally operating as “Big Daddy Car Wash”, Mac expanded his business with the addition of our Wisconsin Avenue and South 1st Street locations.

Over the next 30 years, Mac continued to expand his business. He experimented with different wash processes, such as cleaning vehicles with sawdust, and even cow udders. Although these ideas had some success, the continued advancement in automated equipment eventually lead to a fully automated wash. In 1976, the first of our then six locations was converted from full service to “express-exterior”, and in 1977, the name Scrub-A-Dub was adapted at all locations.

In 1985, Mac ventured into unknown territory introducing “quick lube” oil change centers at two of the existing car wash sites. Although a totally different type of business, Mac believed they were compatible, and the “free car wash with oil change” became a quick success.

Today we have 11 car washes and 5 oil change centers. We have remained a family-owned company for over 70 years. We pride ourselves on our reputation of fast & friendly service.

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The Scrub-A-Dub Environmental Commitment

How Scrub-A-Dub oil changes are making a difference:

• For customers who want an eco-friendly oil, we offer as an extra service and at an extra cost "Eco-Ultra" brand

• Purchasing 98% of our oil in bulk to decrease transportation and packaging cost

• Ensuring the safe disposal of all hazardous materials according to Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) regulations

• Recommending and selling synthetic oils which allow your vehicle to run more efficiently and longer between oil changes

How Scrub-a-Dub car washes are making a difference:

• Separating road pollutants including tar and noxious debris from used water before processing through the city's sewer treatment system

• Using bio-degradable and non-hazardous cleaning and surface solutions. Installation of high-efficiency lighting

• Installing a soft start and variable frequency drive on electrical motors to reduce electrical consumption by 15%

Scrub-a-Dub also encourages our staff and you to get active in the local community. Please visit these local organizations who focus on preserving the environment.

Milwaukee area events for preservation

River Revitalization Foundation

Healthy Communities Project

If you would like additional information on preserving the environment, please visit these national organizations.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Conservation International

Campaign Earth

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